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Forever Rome: The legacy of Francesco Totti

Rabona Staff
Forever Rome: The legacy of Francesco Totti

Calum Chambers has been made to wait for his chance at Arsenal, but the former Southampton defender tells Rabona that he’s ready to make an impact for the Gunners.

RABONA: You played at centre-back against Liverpool earlier in the season, you played right-back last season and Arsene Wenger has even mentioned you possibly being used in defensive midfield. Do you have a favoured position?

Calum Chambers: To be honest, I see myself developing as a centre-back. I feel most comfortable in that position. Obviously the game against Liverpool I was a little bit rusty in the first half but I felt more confident growing into it in the second half.

But yeah, I see myself at this moment in time developing into a CB. Maybe holding midfield at some stage in the future, I don’t know, but at the moment it’s about getting experience and nailing down that CB spot.

You came through at Southampton, a place known for its youth development and excellent academy. What are the differences in training facilities and matchday preparation between there and Arsenal?

CC: It’s hard because I didn’t go through the Arsenal academy, so I wouldn’t know the procedures of coming through as a young player.

They are similar, though: both teams give chances to the young boys. They’re always coming to train with us [the first team] and giving them opportunities, which helps them to develop themselves.

I think that’s the best thing as a young player [the opportunities]. For me, when I was coming through at Southampton, getting the chance to train with the first team at 16, 17 was an unbelievable experience. You got to see the level that you had to get to and learn what you need to do to get there.

R: Was there anything you worked on specifically in the summer, in terms of your own game?

CC: I’ve just tried to study the centre-back position, watching clips of different players and learning from Per and Laurent, getting as much knowledge of the position as possible.

R: How have they helped your game?

CC: Both are quality players, so I just watch them in training and games and try to study them. Or if I want to know something in training, I’ll ask: ‘what would you do here? What should I do here?’

They’re really good, they help me and give me advice and let me know what they think’s the best thing to do in a certain situation. They’re both really good guys.

R: You’ve got Steve Bould at Arsenal too, a great centre-back in his day. Is he someone who helps you as well?

CC: Yeah, working with him on and off the pitch is great. That’s also a good advantage and a great help to me, having someone like him watching me and telling me where I’m going wrong and what I should be doing.

R: Personally, what are you aiming to achieve this season?

CC: As I say all the time, I just want to play as many games as possible. I want to nail down the centre-back position and get as much experience there as I can. Those are my aims this season – just getting as much game-time as I can and enhance my experience.

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