adidas GLITCH World Pack: Special Edition

In addition to the France, Germany and England colours, the new GLITCH World Pack features two creative designs inspired by the host nation, Russia. One of which we’ve got our hands on...

This skin celebrates the vibrant culture of the host nation Russia. The bold colourful patterns on both Russia skins come in red and blue designs. They feature traditional Russian art techniques such as Khokhloma (red) and the geometric patterns on St. Basil’s Cathedral (red).

Adidas has also decided to give the Glitch football boot a general update for the 2.0 version. Both parts of the modular Glitch boot - inner shoe and skin - have undergone several changes. The inner shoe has been improved in order to allow greater ease of getting in and out of the boot. Additionally, fit and snugness has been improved with a new Techfit cage construction.

As always, GLITCH is only available from the adidas GLITCH app.